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Surroundings - Euro House Rome Airport

Fiumicino Rome airport

There are two airports in Rome , Leonardo Da Vinci Airport in Fiumicino and the G.B. Pastine in Ciampino.
Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Fiumicino is located west of Rome along the coast, north side of Ostia .

The distance is exactly twenty-eight kilometers from Rome town center and only twenty-four kilometers from Rome EUR zone. Most of the domestic and international air traffic has been held in Fiumicino Airport .

Leonardo Da Vinci Aiport Fiumicino (Rome)
Via dell’ Aeroporto di Fiumicino, 320
00050 Fiumicino (Rome)


Fiumicino, part of the municipality of Rome until 1992, is now an independent municipality of 60.500 inhabitants in the province of Rome. It is located on the Tyrrhenian coast northern the Tiber delta named Traiano’s canal.

It is also part of the Fiumicino municipality some small villages as Isola Sacra extended on both side of delta, Capo due Rami called Traiano’s canal and Fiumara Grande. In the Isola Sacra you can visit ancient ruins excavations of Roman Necropolis “NECROPOLI DI PORTUS” with very well preserved mosaics, painting decorations, stucco works.
Not far from the Traiano’s canal you can visit the ruins of the Saint Ippolito Paleo Christian Basilica. Along the Portuense Road it is possible to visit the ruins of Castello di Porto and the archeological area including Porto di Traiano…

Parco Leonardo trade Center

Parco Leonardo Trade Center , located near the Rome-Fiumicino motorway, not far from the New Trade Fair of Rome, covers an overall surface of 160 hectares. Parco Leonardo Trade Center is a real “Town”. Even if not yet entirely completed, the structure hosts shops, residential areas, trade and business centers, hotels, schools, offices, gardens, promenade and communication services…

New Trade Fair of Rome

The near New Trade Fair of Rome has been built to better develop the international trade fair business in Rome . The earliest pavilions have been inaugurated in October 2006.

The new fair is an extraordinary chance for Rome Capital to further develop its growing potential. Beside the historical, cultural and tourist tradition Rome shows a great interest for business and congress tourism…


Rome, know world wide as the eternal city, hosts 6.000.000 of turists every year including 3.800.000 of foreigners coming from Europe, USA, and Japan, nevertheless ti visit Rome a life time is not enough. The eternal city its area open air museum, a unique case of 34 century of urban history, there cities one inside the other, the earliest Rome time with the Colosseum and Imperial Forum, Baroque Rome art area between Quirinale, Via del Tritone and Navona Square and the Rome of Popes with the Vatican city. A considerable number of museum and archaelogic sites, art gallery splendid monuments, churches, historical palaces makes Rome one of the most attractive site in Italy and world wide…

Ostia Antica

Ostia is an old roman town at about two km. from the coastline and its Latin name refers to the Tiber outlet (Ostium).
The coastline of Tiber and its waterway changed a lot in the course of centuries. As a matter of fact, in the past Ostia Antica was facing the Tyrrhenian sea and that’s the reason why, according to the legend, it was founded by the fourth Roman King Anco Marzio as the Rome’s main commercial port and military base…