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Surroundings - Euro House Rome Airport


Fiumicino, part of the municipality of Rome until 1992, is now an independent municipality of 60.500 inhabitants in the province of Rome. It is located on the Tyrrhenian coast northern the Tiber delta named Traiano’s canal.

It is also part of the Fiumicino municipality some small villages as Isola Sacra extended on both side of delta, Capo due Rami called Traiano’s canal and Fiumara Grande. In the Isola Sacra you can visit ancient ruins excavations of Roman Necropolis “NECROPOLI DI PORTUS” with very well preserved mosaics, painting decorations, stucco works.
Not far from the Traiano’s canal you can visit the ruins of the Saint Ippolito Paleo Christian Basilica. Along the Portuense Road it is possible to visit the ruins of Castello di Porto and the archeological area including Porto di Traiano.

Fiumicino, at the end of Portuense Road , is one of the most important fishing commercial centre of the Tyrrhenian sea with its fishing market , typical high quality Restaurants, seaside resorts.

The ancient part of the town along Via Torre Clementina was conceived by Giuseppe Valadier. Close to Leonardo da Vinci Airport is the Ships Museum where you can visit five roman ships found in the Claudio’s Port during the airport building works.

Up the Traiano’s canal and the Tiber main bank it is possible to see some kinds of water birds like the grey heron, the Gazzetta and the Kingfisher.