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Parco Leonardo Trade Center

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Parco Leonardo Trade Center

Parco Leonardo Trade Center, located near the Rome-Fiumicino motorway, not far from the New Trade Fair of Rome, covers an overall surface of 160 hectares. Parco Leonardo Trade Center is a real “Town”. Even if not yet entirely completed, the structure hosts shops, residential areas, trade and business centers, hotels, schools, offices, gardens, promenade and communication services.

Latest details and useful information about Parco Leonardo Trade Center 
– At the moment 2700 flats have been sold out (some of them still under construction);

– In December 2004 the biggest cinema in Italy has been opened: 24 cinema halls, 6100 seats and more than 100 films a day

The cinema is part of the Entertainment Palace , a huge structure of 30.000 square meters which also hosts a bowling hall with 16 tracks, a bingo room, a billiard room, slot machines, a disco bar, two wide restaurants, one ice cream shop and a nursery.

On November 9 th Parco Leonardo Trade Center, the biggest Trade Centre in Italy with an extension of 100.000 square meters and 216 shops, has been inaugurated as well as AUCHAN Superstore with an extension of 13.000 square meters.

The heart of the huge Project is the so-called “SISTEMA DELLE PIAZZE” (Squares Design) made up of three elliptic wide squares, one close to the other, giving rise to a large pedestrians zone. This zone includes high quality and finely designed flats, the trade centre, the entertainment palace, the future Office Park and the Metro Rail Station. During the year many cultural events, exhibitions and concerts are organized in this area.